DAC: Modular Skins

This competion entry postulates a framwork for a series of panelized enclosures or "modular skins" based on the buildings existing grid.
The mobility of these skins creats a flexible, multi use environment, wiht each skin assigned a specific function and material. This modular concept aloows for simplified construction and economical budget.

Modular skins include: Smart walls: plumbing, mechanical, electrical, IT / Display walls: homasote (recycled paper) / Privacy walls: recycled acrylic or glass / Storage walls: viroc or formaldehyde-free mdf /   Electronic walls (LED display) /  Living walls (green walls) / Mobile fašade (3 layers: enclosure, graphics, sun-control)

Plug-in floor (cork with embedded electrical and AV conduit)  /  Breathable floor (recycled rubber with embedded mechanical grilles)

Systems ceiling (frosted acrylic panels  /  Reflective ceiling (strand board painted white) 

Plan strategies:

Main central space on ground level serves as flexible gallery, classroom and meeting spaces
Two-storey atrium connects gallery space on first floor with additional exhibition space on lower level
Suspended staircase runs along fašade establishing dynamic relationship to street
Mobile fašade allows for changing graphic and LED displays in window, inviting the public to enter and experience the DAC