Washington. DC  

Weaving is a craft common to all world cultures, and here it serves as a metaphor for the Peace Corps, whose seamless integration of American volunteers into other countries strengthens and benefits both cultures. This woven bamboo structure creates a living landscape – an active place of social interaction that ties the site together. Bamboo was selected as a sustainable material, which is also very strong when woven. The structure is playful and lightweight, allowing circulation on all sides, as well as on top. Shadows from above create dynamic patterns on the ground, as well as providing relief from the summer heat.  Quotes about the Peace Corps are carved into the ground, following curved lines that mark the moving shadows from the structure above. Permeable concrete and planting areas for live bamboo provide drainage for rain water. Sounds of people walking around the structure create a layered environment of activity and life.

Northern Virginia AIA Award  

AIA/DC Unbuilt Merit Award  

Peace Corps Commemorative Design Competition: Honorable Mention